Gorodetsky Law Group has been practicing Criminal Law for 15 years, and with our accumulated knowledge, expertise, and experience, we're ready to fight for your defense! 

Over the years, we've helped many clients in areas such as:

  • Assault Charges

  • Harassment

  • Shop Lifting/Burglary

  • Insurance Fraud/Medicare Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Drug Crimes/Drug Possession


  • Sex Crimes/Prostitution

  • Child Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

Experienced Client Representation In Criminal Court

During the 15 years of its existence, our Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in Criminal County courts and Federal courts. We represent clients in all five boroughs of New York City and throughout the New York State area, including Albany, Upstate New York, Liberty, Monticello, Monroe, Hunter, Long Island and other New York State areas and counties.

Our law firm represent clients in DWI cases, Unlicensed operation cases, Shoplifting cases, Home attendant’s investigations associated with Medicaid and Medical Fraud, and other Insurance fraud cases, Domestic violence / Harassment and Abuse cases, and Order of Protection, Prostitution, Burglaries and Money Laundering cases.

Gorodetsky Law Group has represented clients in multi-Defendant high-profile criminal cases associated with multi-million dollar money laundering and drug distribution offenses. We also represent clients associated with insurance fraud, such as illegal billing for ambulance delivery charges that involve hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In one of such cases, our client, who among another sixteen Defendants, was accused in more than twenty Felony counts associated with money laundering and drug distribution in the total amount of around $2 million dollars, was acquitted of his felony charges and received a minor charge without serving any jail time.

In another case, our client was accused of illegal billing associated with an ambulance delivery of patients to a doctor’s office. Having faced the Felony charges, our client had those charges dropped against him.

We represented clients in numerous driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) cases. In many of these cases, we have completely dismissed charges against our clients. In many other instances, we were able to settle the cases with the prosecution such that our clients did not have any criminal history after completion of their case. None of our DWI or DUI clients were ever sentenced to jail.

We represented clients in hundreds of shoplifting cases where our clients were accused of stealing merchandise from major department stores such as Macy’s, Loehmann’s, Century 21, T.J. Maxx, and other department stores. We dismissed the majority of these cases, or settled them such that our clients did not have any criminal history.     

We represent numerous clients in cases associated with insurance fraud, including staged car accident cases and the misuse of Medicaid and Medicare insurances. In these cases, we had Felony charges dismissed against our clients, and had them acquitted of the charges made against them.

We also represent clients in pre-arrest stages associated with the misuse of Medicaid and Medicare insurances, and for the home attendants' earnings for the services that were not provided to our clients. We have dismissed numerous amounts of these cases. Those cases that did not go to trial were resolved by minor settlements of payments spread by tens of years so that our clients paid from twenty to one hundred dollars per month for the cases - the initial charges were around $30,000 - $40,000, and the payment amounts were substantially discounted and reduced due to our representation.

Often, a divorcing spouse, by false accusation, places the other spouse under arrest, accusing him or her of menacing, battery, assault, and harassment that never took place. We firmly help those that are falsely accused by fighting to get them out of jail / Central Bookings, and by preserving their innocence.

We also defended our clients in cases associated with drug possession and drug distribution charges. Some of our clients were accused in the sale and possession of hundreds of Ecstasy pills and many grams of Cocaine and Heroin. We successfully dismissed the felony charges against them. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Brooklyn, NY

If you're looking for an experienced and skilled attorney to defend you in your criminal battles, look to Gorodetsky Law Group for help. With our 15 years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to defend you and get you the results that you want! Get the legal help that you need today, and call us at 718-645-4604.