Child Support Attorney - Fighting For What You Deserve

Legal conflicts involving family relationships can be complex and stressful. If you find yourself served with papers or are engaged in a legal battle related to child support in Brooklyn, NY, you need representation from an attorney that you can trust to get you the results that you need. Gorodetsky Law Group is available to help you reach a successful resolution of your child support case and will work hard to provide personalized and attentive service.

Experienced Representation

At Gorodetsky Law Group, we specialize in protecting the rights of those parents who are in need of child support payments, especially single mothers with small children. We fight to get substantial child support payments from those parents who pretend to have low income while getting cash-money that they don’t declare on their income tax. We're also experts at lowering your monthly child support payments. If you find yourself having issues in matters of child support, call us or contact us through our online form.