Defending Your Privilages in Child Custody and Visitation Disputes

Child custody law is one of the most sensitive types of law that is contested in court. It is especially stressful and emotional for the parties involved because they cannot know who retains the custodial rights of the child until the legal battle is over. That is why in matters of child custody it is essential to seek legal help from a skilled and experienced attorney who can offer you representation that is likely to lead to the results that you seek. Here at Gorodetsky Law Group, we have 15 years of experience successfully litigating child custody cases; we've held a success rate of 98% in our favor for over 15 years. We're knowledgeable, trail-tested and ready to provide you with the parental rights that you deserve.

Experienced Child Custody Attorney - Fighting For What You Deserve

In New York, all child custody and visitation cases must be decided according to the best interest of the child involved in the proceeding (The Child Standard). This Standard is meant to provide children engaged in legal proceedings with a secure future regarding parental guidance, and in a Family Court legal proceeding a family court judge will determine what the custody arrangement for your child is based on this Standard. Sometimes, it is in the best interest of the child involved for one parent to have sole custody, while in other cases it is more appropriate for the parents to share a joint custody. 

Gorodetsky Law Group takes your parental rights and child’s future seriously. We advocate for you in Family Court and aim to appropriate parental rights so that they are in the best interest of your child. Our goal is to show the judge why the custody rights that you deem appropriate are in your child's best interest, and we vow to put our best foot forward when getting your child the parental guidance that guarantees him or her a secure future. Our ability to help our clients comes from the wisdom that we have accumulated over our 15 years in practice. In these 15 years, we have up-kept a 98% success rate in child custody battles and have helped many parents receive the custodial rights that they deserve. If you find yourself in an insecure parental situation, we can help. If your case goes to trial, we will aggressively fight for the best custody arrangement for your child.

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If you are having custody issues with your child's other parent, or seeking modification or enforcement of an existing child custody decree, we can help. Contact us at (718) 645-4604 or through our online form to schedule your initial consultation. We represent both mothers and fathers in Brooklyn and throughout the New York City area.