Getting a personal injury lawyer

In case you or a cherished one has suffered an injury, you might be entitled to financial compensation from the individual or business enterprise whose negligent conduct precipitated the injury. At this point in time, what is required of you is a documentation of everything that occurred with inclusions of any scientific visits, time absent from work, and insurance company coverage conversations. In cases where it is possible, get all communications in writing.

At the point when an individual is injured, tort law will decide whether that individual might be compensated for the damage or not, the measure of pay that might be recouped, and additionally which gatherings will be liable for the damage. Tort law, otherwise called Injury law, originates from government and state codes, and additionally legal sentiments from earlier cases. The measure of injuries an offended party to individual damage activity may get, can be controlled by statute, or by a judge or jury. Regular recuperations may incorporate compensatory harms (e.g., lost wages, doctor's visit expenses, and so on.) and in special or grievous circumstances, reformatory harms. Often at times, an offended party may recuperate certain non-monetary harms, for example, agony and enduring, loss of consortium, or loss of happiness regarding life.

A personal injury lawyer is vital in cases where you encounter a work-associated twist of fate –a twist of fate on public or personal assets, or injured from clinical malpractice or a vehicle coincidence. With an experienced attorney for personal injury on your side, you can fight to get duly compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

It is the duties of a personal injury lawyer to assist injured people seek compensation from people who have harmed them in one way or the other. Some injury lawyers streamline to specific cases such as product liability cases, truck accidents, car accidents, and medical malpractice or slip and fall injuries. In cases where the individual sustains an injury as a result of a criminal behavior, it might be thoughtful to take up a personal injury lawsuit as an addition to the criminal investigation or prosecution of the state.

Do I have an injury case?

The fundamental factor in a personal injury lawsuit claim depends solely on whether you can demonstrate your mishap and if the coming about injuries were caused as a result of the other party's carelessness. To do this, there are four components of carelessness that must be available for your situation. During your commitment conference, one of the individual injury lawyers will survey your claim to decide whether it incorporates the accompanying components:

·         Duty of care

·         Breach of duty

·         Causation

·         Damages

Very often, the injuries sustained with casualties stretches out past physical and mental wounds. Casualties can likewise experience the ill effects of budgetary weights from costly restorative treatment and loss of wages in cases where the casualty's damage keeps him or her from working.

An individual Injury lawyer understands that no measure of cash can change what has transpired. Be that as it may, recording individual damage claim may enable you to get the remuneration you have to recoup from your monetary misfortunes.

What To Do When You Are Wrongfully Charged With a Crime

     For many, being charged with any criminal activity can be a nightmare. But what if you are wrongfully charged of a crime? What recourse do you have then? You could fight the charges and spend thousands of dollars in legal fees that you might never get back. Or you could take your chance in court by pleading innocent and letting the truth speak for itself. In most cases, we believe that by being proactive, and fighting the false charges, you will be more successful at clearing your name and keeping your life from being ruined.

     False criminal charges can ruin your life. You could lose your job, your spouse, your friends and your family. While we try to see the good in everyone, once we hear that someone we know has been charged with a crime, we begin to look for those hidden signs that have led up to the alleged crime and we begin to think of them as guilt even before a trial is held.

What To Do When You Are Wrongfully Charged With a Crime

     So what should you do if you are wrongfully charged with a crime? First, remember that you have rights and one of those rights is to remain silent. Doing so will keep you from incriminating yourself further and making your legal matters worse. Don’t say anything, at any time, to anyone.

     Contact an attorney. You are protected by client/attorney privilege and anything that you say to your attorney is kept confidential. Hiring an attorney right away will show that you are willing to fight for your rights and prove your innocence. Choose a reputable law firm and do your research before spending any money on legal counsel. This will ensure that you get the best legal representation possible and that you will have a better chance of successfully winning your case.

     Finally, you want to negotiate with your prosecutors if your attorney feels like you might have a chance of losing. This is usually done when you are partially responsible for the criminal activity, whether on purpose or through no fault of your own. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf and you could end up having the charges dropped or reduced.

Contact an Attorney

     If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, contact an attorney right away and get the legal help you need.

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What are the different types of law?

If you are as interested in law as we are, you may be wondering what the different types of law there are and which ones we are specialists in. Not only are we extremely skilled in multiple court settings, our success ratio is growing every day. Read on to see which type of law we are know competently.


The divorce as a process is handled by family law attorneys (each estranged spouse retains their attorney of choice) and involves a range of different of issues, ranging from property to child custody. These matters are very sensitive and need to be handled with a high level of professionalism. We have been closely studying and practicing divorce law for over 15 years, have litigated multi-million dollar divorce cases that included the distribution of businesses and their assets, real estate properties and other marital assets, and have up-kept a 98% success rate in such proceedings. In short: we're ready to get you the results that you need.

Family Law

Family law covers a whole range of complex cases and can be described as among one of the most complicated law practised. Family law disputes that are handled in the judicial system include: divorce, separation, adoption, child custody, visitation rights, financial settlements and distribution of assets, domestic violence, guardianship, and child abuse and neglect.  Failure by an attorney or a person representing himself/herself in court to perform well in these categories of law can leave parents without the right to see their children, and can even cripple them financially. Gorodetsky Law Group knows that family law cases have a huge and long term effect on people - so we handle these cases with as much sensitivity and understanding as possible.

Criminal Defense

Criminal  lawyers also known as criminal defense lawyers and public defenders, defend individuals, organizations, and entities that have been charged with a crime. Gorodetsky Law Group has been practicing Criminal Law for 15 years, and with our accumulated knowledge, expertise, and experience, we're ready to fight for your defense! Over our many years of experience, we defended clients against charges such as assault charges, harassment, domestic abuse along with a range of other areas.

Commercial Litigation

General commercial litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, class actions, business torts, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and shareholder issues. If you are a business owner or a private individual, we can defend you from legal actions initiated by customers, employees, governmental agencies, or other companies and other individuals. When you need to file a lawsuit, we'll help you confront parties that have wronged you and defend your interest in court, or settle the dispute to your satisfaction.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law involves helping clients gain compensation for injuries suffered in accidents, at home or outside, and injuries inflicted on account of negligence by medical practitioners.  If you were recently involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident that left you with painful injuries or emotional distress, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

If you need any help with any of the above - get in touch!

What To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

With the necessary research before hand, finding the right lawyer for you should be an easy task. The quicker and more effectively you seek professional help for your personal injury claim, the swifter you will find the situation is handled and resolved. Read ahead for our top tips on finding the best personal injury lawyer for you individually.

Do They Communicate Well?

An effective way of observing whether a lawyer is professional or not is how well they are at communicating with their clients and potential clients. If he or she treats you with the utmost respect from the offset, that is a very good indication that they are serious about themselves and their careers.

Professionalism and good communication come hand in hand. If a company is aware of the best way to defuse and evaluate a situation while providing the correct information to all parties involved at the same time - they are the ones for you. Attorneys that ensure their clients are always involved in each move they make in regards to their case are the ones you need to hire. Here at Gorodetsky Law, we ensure communication and professionalism are at the forefront of our minds when handling your case. You will not find anyone that understands the importance of consistently keeping our clients in the loop and providing relevant information.

Search For The Specialists

You need to ensure you are picking the right lawyer for you by doing research into which firm specialises in the type of law relevant to your individual case.

We are the best people to go to for people who were involved in one of such accidents, or pedestrians who were hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle may eligible to collect substantial compensation for their injuries and property damage. Gorodetsky Law Group helps its clients recover monetary compensation for:

●     Medical treatment

●     Rehabilitative care

●     Lost wages from time taken off of work

●     Future lost income (for disabling injuries)

●     Property damage

●     Pain and suffering and personal injuries

●     Emotional trauma

As we specialise in all of the above areas, we can help you through your issues and case as effectively as possible.

Are They Considering Your Personal Wellbeing?

Here at Gorodestky Law Group, we understand that if you have experienced an issue and you are now injured, you need to focus on your recovery. As a client of ours, we want to build a relationship with you to ensure you feel as stress free as possible. We will do all we can to make sure you can prioritise your health and well being while we get on with obtaining any compensation to which you are entitled. Over the years, we have obtained an incredible amount of personal injuries for people involved in many types of accidents such as car, truck and motorcycle.

If you are involved in the above described situations, or related problems, please contact our Law Firm at (718) 645-4604 or through our online forum.





Orders Of Protection: A Summary

If you have been through a divorce, you may relate to the high levels of emotion that arise around such a stressful time. There are often cases when couples divorcing become very emotionally charged and for example may go to the other spouses house in the middle of the night and harass them, or one may send the other hundreds of text messages with emotionally abusive content. Understandably, these types of situations have a high chance of rendering someone unable to sleep and filling them with anxiety. This is where an Order of Protection can come in useful.

An Order of Protection is a document issued by a court and signed by a judge to help protect you from harassment or abuse. In an Order of Protection, a judge is able to limit another person’s behaviour in relation to harassing you. A judge is able to:

  • Order your (ex)partner/abuser to stop harassing you and your children

  • Tell your (ex)partner/abuser that they are not permitted in or around your home, your workplace and your family

  • Instruct your (ex)partner/abuser to have no contact with you— this includes no phone calls, letters, emails or attempting to contact you through other people

  • Dictate to your (ex)partner/abuser to stay away from the children and places the children will be (for example school, daycare etc..)

  • Determine issues related to the custody of your children, visitation and child support

  • Order the person who has been harassing/abusing you to pay for expenses related to the abuse that has taken place

Amongst other things.

As there are many things to consider in reference to whether an Order of Protection is beneficial to your situation, you may want to consult a law firm that is able to advise you on the right direction to go down. Here at Gorodetsky Law Group we would be happy to help you with any issues regarding this.

Once an Order of Protection is issued, only a judge has the power to change or amend it. There is no fee to get this type of order and it lasts for one year - it can also be renewed at your will. If your (ex)partner or abuser violates any instructions from a judge on this order they can be arrested.

You are able to get an Order of Protection if you are 17 years of age or older and have been abused or harassed by a spouse, a former spouse, any adult you live with or have lived with previously, an adult you have been in an intimate relationship with, someone who is stalking or harassing you or someone you have had children with (even if you are not married or living together currently).

There are many ways an Order of Protection can be of help to you and your family, including:

  • The fact that police are more likely to consider your case more seriously if you have an Order of Protection

  • If someone is harassing or stalking you, they can be arrested if he or she violates an Order of Protection

  • If you are being stalked or harassed, an Order of Protection can protect you at your job and help your general sense of well being

  • An Order of Protection can help establish who has custody of any children you and the person in question has together under the age of 18

We hope you’re never in a situation that means you have to take the steps to get an Order of Protection, but if you do know we are able to support you every step of the way.

A Divorce Timeline

     If you are getting a divorce, you probably have a lot of questions. You want to know what to expect and when to expect so there are no surprises. This is normal and it is what thousands of people go through every year. If you are considering filing for divorce, the first thing you should do is contact a reputable attorney that specializes in divorce cases. A divorce attorney can answer your questions and give you the advice you need to get through this very difficult time.

     For many, the big question is when does everything happen and in what order? The divorce attorneys at the Gorodetsky Law Group has created this divorce timeline that can give you an idea of what to expect when getting a divorce:

·        One spouse has a lawyer create a petition for divorce which explains why he or she wants a divorce and how he or she wants to settle financial, custody, and other issues.

·        The lawyer then files the petition with the court.

·        The court ensures that the petition is served on the other spouse, along with a summons that requires that spouse's response.

·        The served spouse must respond to the petition for divorce within a predetermined amount of time. The answer says whether or not the served spouse agrees with the petition and how he or she would prefer to deal with the divorce decisions.

·        The couple exchanges financial documents and information.

·        Sometimes, the couple can voluntarily resolve all their issues through mediation or settlement. Some states require that divorcing couples go through this process.

·        If the couple can reach a settlement, a settlement agreement is shown to a judge at an informal hearing.

·        If the judge approves the settlement agreement, he or she gives the couple a divorce decree that shows what they agreed to.

·        If the judge declines the divorce settlement, the couple will be scheduled a trial date.

·        At trial, attorneys will present evidence and arguments for each side. The judge will then decide any unresolved issues, including child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and property division.

·        Once a decision is reached, the judge then grants the couple a divorce.

·        If either spouse disagrees with the judge’s decision, they can file an appeal in a higher court.

     The divorce process can last months in some cases, to years in others depending on how quickly an agreement can be made. The more the couple can cooperate and agree to reasonable compromises, the faster the divorce will go.

     If you are considering divorce, contact the Gorodetsky Law Group now and speak to a divorce attorney that will listen to you today.

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How to Determine if a Prenuptial Agreement is Right for You

Knowing whether to enter into a prenuptial agreement is a very personal decision that any couple preparing for marriage should consider. There are many pros and cons to a prenuptial agreement and, with every couple’s needs being different, these should be weighed carefully. Reviewing the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements can help you and your future spouse decide if one is right for you and if you should consult an attorney to get started.

     Below are some of the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements. Many of these may apply to you or your partner, or both of you together. Keep reading to determine if a prenup is in your future:

Pros of a Prenuptial Agreement

·        Documents each spouse's separate property to protect it as separate property.

·        Supports your estate plan and avoiding court involvement to decide property distribution.

·        Distinguishes between what is marital and what is community property.

·        Documents and details any special arrangements between you and your spouse.

·        Avoids extended court proceedings, which result in the time of expensive divorce attorneys.

·        Reduces conflicts during a divorce.

·        Establishes procedures and rules for issues that may arise in the future.

·        Assigns debt to the appropriate spouse to avoid both spouses sharing debt liability.

Cons to a Prenuptial Agreement

·        It's not romantic.

·        The timing may not be right.

·        There may be state laws that cover all of the issues you want to address, without a prenup.

·        A prenup cannot include child support or child custody issues.

·        A court can set aside any provisions it finds to be unfair or not in the interest of justice.

·        A prenup cannot include personal preferences, such as who has what chores, where to spend the holidays, or what school the children should attend.

     Many couples fear that bringing up the idea of a prenup could cause arguments in their relationship or cause them to call off the wedding. The opposite is more true than not, though. Most divorces become ugly because of financial matters and these are what prenuptial agreements were designed for. BY alleviating much of the stress and confusion about financial issues, a prenup can make a divorce much more amicable for both sides.

     If you are getting married soon, consider speaking with your partner about a prenuptial agreement. It will create healthy communication and will protect your finances in the event of a divorce.

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When to Hire a Lawyer

     Did you know that not every legal matter requires the use of an attorney? In fact, there are many instances where you can handle the case yourself without having the added expense of hiring an attorney to represent you. But do you know when you should hire a lawyer and what having an experienced lawyer to defend you can mean?

     Going to court without a lawyer on your side could lead to losing your case, additional fines or jail time. While every legal situation is different and not every case requires an attorney, you should still know when to hire an attorney of necessary. Below are some important reasons to have an experienced attorney on your side:

1. The law is complicated. Understanding the law and how it pertains to you can be confusing and could cause you to lose your case. An experienced attorney understands the law and can help you navigate it properly.

2. Not having a lawyer may cost you more. Without an attorney by your side in a criminal case could lead to additional fines, legal fees and jail time. Hire an attorney and pay less or avoid these results altogether.

3. When you are not sure how to plead -- or what a 'pleading' is? Pleading your case can be confusing and could lead to legal penalties that you weren’t expecting. A lawyer can explain to you how you should plead and what your plea means.

4. When you need a settlement offer or plea bargain. An experienced lawyer can make a calculated guess as to the outcome of your case and can offer a settlement or plea agreement to the court on your behalf.

5. When the other party has legal representation. If the other party in your case has legal representation, then it is important that you do as well. An attorney will represent you and ensure that your side of the case is heard.

     To learn more, contact the Gorodetsky Law Group today and speak with an attorney about your case now.

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