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Considering engaging in a divorce or being served with papers is a stressful experience. The art of Divorce Law is an intricate and complicated one that can affect vast factors of a person’s life. Therefore, when engaging in divorce litigation it is important to seek out compassionate and skilled legal representation. At Gorodetsky Law Group, we’ve mastered Divorce Law, are trial-ready, and can help you get the results that you need from your lawsuit.

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A typical divorce proceeding can contest sensitive matters such as child custody, distribution of marital assets and alimony. For a parent, matters of child custody are very sensitive and should be handled with care and professionalism. Contest over the distribution of assets and alimony can also leave a person financially crippled. If you find yourself in a matrimonial legal proceeding, let us provide you with the representation that you need to give you the upper-hand in your legal battle.

Gorodetsky Law Group is experienced, skilled, and ready to provide you with the results that you want from your legal proceeding. We have been closely studying and practicing divorce law for over 15 years, have litigated multi-million dollar divorce cases that included the distribution of businesses and their assets, real estate properties and other marital assets, and have up-kept a 98% success rate in such proceedings. In short: we're ready to get you the results that you need.

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For experienced and skilled representation, turn to Gorodetsky Law Group. We are available 24/7 and 365 days and are capable of delivering the results that you want. To schedule an initial consultation or to find out more about us, call us at (718) 645-4604.