Mr. Greg Gorodetsky represented me in 6 cases (criminal, family, matrimonial) and is still representing me in 2 more cases (matrimonial, malicious prosecution). All 6 cases have been closed / settled / dismissed to my complete satisfaction. Without Mr. Gorodetsky’s help, most likely I’d have been convicted of a crime I had not committed, and then deported from the United States. What is outstanding about services Gorodetsky Law Group offers? The highest degree of professionalism. Check. Flexible payment plans. Check. Answering and returning calls and messages day or night. Check. Multi-case discount. Check. Evening and weekend appointments. Check. But the most important thing is that Mr. Gorodetsky understands you and your problems, he feels your pain as his own pain, he lives your situation over and over again. He is not promising unrealistic things, but he is working hard, days and nights, weekdays and weekends, to protect his clients and their interests. I hope my kids and grand-kids never need a legal advice and/or representation in criminal, family, or matrimonial cases, but if they do, I want Mr. Greg Gorodetsky to be their counselor.
— Oleg K.
I was arrested for shoplifting at T. J. Max. and was stopped in the store while I was carrying two shirts inside my bag and coming down to the second floor. I put them in my bag temporarily because my hands were full and the security thought that I was attempting to steal the shirts... Long story short, I found Greg through a referal and he got the charges completely dropped, which saved me a potential record and a lot of stress and anxiety. Thank you Greg!
— Conner C.
Greg Gorodetsky was my divorce lawyer . Before him I went to 3 law offices and was getting confused and desperate . Then friend recommended him to me . He is very professional and patient . I felt protected . I got custody of my kids and was able to save my money . I highly recommend him as a divorce lawyer .
— Olga K.
I was going through a very difficult divorce and was very worried about the outcome. I simply could not afford an unfavorable financial settlement, and it was absolutely essential that I retain custody of my children. Greg was reassuring and supportive, and made sure that I understood everything that was happening. Two years on and my divorce is fully behind me. I only had one real issue and it is that it took a while for the divorce to be processed, and I had originally thought that it would take about 2 months and was only told later that the court takes anywhere from 4-6 months to approve the paperwork. Still, the court system has nothing to do with the firm and Greg’s work far outweighed that minor misunderstanding. Ultimately, I would def recommend this firm to anyone who is in a similar situation as I was!
— Sandy L.
I would like to share an experience of great service I have with attorney Mr. Gorodetsky. Over year ago I was arrested by the falls allegation of my ex wife. She was mad at me because I wanted to divorce her. I was referred to Mr. Gorodetsky and immediately got help and felt self confident after the very first appointment with him. My so call “criminal” case was dismissed after first hearing.

I got order of protection against my ex wife, to avoid her to provocations against me. All of this was done timely without any problem by Mr.Gorodetsky. I have never ever feel so calm after all I passed through with the issue I never experienced before.

So, finally I got my divorce and I have to thanks to Mr. Gorodetskiy for all what he have done to protect me, to make me the person I used to be before.

I definitely will recommend Attorney at Law, Greg C. Gorodetsky to any of my friend or acquaintance in case they will need a protection in Court for similar, or even different kind of cases.
— Gennadiy K.
After the trial Greg reduced my child support payment from $1,100 per month to $120 per month. I got allotted $1,100 as monthly child support when I represented myself (I thought it was a cheaper route at the time) in Court. After that I decided that I needed to get an attorney and found Greg. I’m really glad that I did because he filed an objection to the “Support Magistrate”, and after the two hearings my child support was reduced to $120 per month (because now I was only working part-time). I can finally breathe freely and am no longer afraid that I won’t have the money to support myself after CS payments. Thank you sooooooo much Greg!!!!!
— Meredith L.
Good attorney, hard working and caring about my case. He was available to talk 24/7 whenever I needed him, but best of all he got me my home back in Family Court after my ex-wife got a court order to cease it by falsely accusing me of acting violently toward her. And now he’s working on getting my kids back for me.
— David Z.