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At Gorodetsky Law Group, we can help you overcome challenges. With our flexible appointment times, you'll have convenient access to a consultation with us and to our legal services. Depending on your needs, we can review paperwork presented to you, write your contracts, and prepare licensing applications. 

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If you are a business owner or a private individual, we can defend you from legal actions initiated by customers, employees, governmental agencies, or other companies and other individuals. When you need to file a lawsuit, we'll help you confront parties that have wronged you and defend your interest in court, or settle the dispute to your satisfaction.

There are cases when unmarried cohabitants, or friends, or relatives, have trusted property to one another without having any written agreements as to the distribution of the shares of the property. For instance, a person has credited a substantial amount of money to fund the business of another, without any legal documents, and was promised in return to receive a share of the profit of the business. However, the owner of the business refused to share his profit with the lender. In cases such as these the lender is entitled to receive the money that he invested into the business together with the earned interest provided that he has proof of his investment, such as checks, money orders, or any other notes.

Our law group has successfully represented clients in such cases, and we were able to recover their investments, and the profit that their investments earned.

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If you find yourself served with a commercial suit or need help from a professional business attorney for any commercial legal matters, look to Gorodetsky Law Group for the representation and advice that you need to protect your interest. We are available 24/7. To schedule an initial consultation or to find out more, call us at (718) 645-4604.