When to Hire a Lawyer

     Did you know that not every legal matter requires the use of an attorney? In fact, there are many instances where you can handle the case yourself without having the added expense of hiring an attorney to represent you. But do you know when you should hire a lawyer and what having an experienced lawyer to defend you can mean?

     Going to court without a lawyer on your side could lead to losing your case, additional fines or jail time. While every legal situation is different and not every case requires an attorney, you should still know when to hire an attorney of necessary. Below are some important reasons to have an experienced attorney on your side:

1. The law is complicated. Understanding the law and how it pertains to you can be confusing and could cause you to lose your case. An experienced attorney understands the law and can help you navigate it properly.

2. Not having a lawyer may cost you more. Without an attorney by your side in a criminal case could lead to additional fines, legal fees and jail time. Hire an attorney and pay less or avoid these results altogether.

3. When you are not sure how to plead -- or what a 'pleading' is? Pleading your case can be confusing and could lead to legal penalties that you weren’t expecting. A lawyer can explain to you how you should plead and what your plea means.

4. When you need a settlement offer or plea bargain. An experienced lawyer can make a calculated guess as to the outcome of your case and can offer a settlement or plea agreement to the court on your behalf.

5. When the other party has legal representation. If the other party in your case has legal representation, then it is important that you do as well. An attorney will represent you and ensure that your side of the case is heard.

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